Fire Suppression

Our commitment to health and safety and the environment is our number one priority, this is why we use Fogmaker.

Fogmaker is a water mist fire protection system with a successful track record in Australia, Europe, USA and Africa - over 120,000 units have been sold worldwide since 1995.

There has been 4,000 plus systems installed throughout Australia since 2010. Over 1,600 systems were installed in 2016 with orders already lined up of over 3,000 systems in 2019.

Fogmaker utilises innovative patented high-pressure technology that is 2-3 times more effective when compared (by weight) to gas and powder systems. The actual Fogmaker cylinder is a self-contained unit requiring little ongoing maintenance. It is smaller, lighter and more compact than conventional foam fire systems and can take up as little real estate as a 9kg portable extinguisher.

We specialise in units fitted for buses, forestry machines, mining machinery, construction machinery, specialised vehicles, generators and other applications.

Our system is ideal for engine rooms and other enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces and is particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited, such as smaller mobile and fixed plant and underground mining machines.

Palmers Mechanical with Fogmaker seeks opportunities to become involved in projects as early as possible during the concept and design development phases. The earlier our involvement, the greater the ability to influence design outcomes through our proven ability to introduce innovation, reduce project costs and reduce delivery time through value engineering and analysis. Addressing these issues early in the project cycle, working with the distributors and technology partners, and drawing on the best available resources to form an integrated team, will provide the best outcomes and opportunity for breakthrough solutions and outstanding results.


Ken Woodhouse

Works Manager

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