Our commitment to health and safety, quality and the environment is our number one priority.

At Palmers Mechanical we have a strong commitment to the health and safety of our people as well as a focus on environmental responsibility. Maintaining our excellent reputation for Health, Safety and Environmental management and achieving greater levels of performance will continue to be a key focus.

Our Values and Beliefs

Palmers Mechanical’s commitment to health, safety and the environment means more than complying with regulatory requirements – our highest priority is the wellbeing of our people, their families and minimising our impact on the environment.


Every day we strive to embody the vision laid out in our PRIDE statement: 

Play it straight

Respect Builds Success

Improve and Innovate

Deliver to Win Together

Expect the Best


Palmers Mechanical improves its safety performance as it continues to grow. We are committed to maintaining this trend by continuing to monitor safety performance, ensuring the provision of safe systems of work and providing training and initiatives that keep safety at the forefront in everything we do. Thats why we carry the site wise Gold Standard.


“Palmers Mechanical's quality management systems are designed to ensure your project is delivered to a high standard every time, without compromise.”

Delivering high-quality engineering products

We understand your project requirements must meet strict engineering quality control standards. Palmers Mechanical quality management systems are based around ISO 9001 systems. At Palmers, we are committed to delivering your engineering quality product and service on time and within budget.

Continual improvement

Through our integrated management system, our team can continuously report on safety, environment and project outcomes in real time. We are a workplace focused on productivity, engineering quality and safety improvement. Our process and method for creating and maintaining an organised workplace that delivers projects to budgets and maintains timeline efficiencies ensuring our clients meet their objectives.